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Yo every1, I just recently joined and havent posted anything till now...
Has everyone seen Billy Elliot? Last year we had to watch it in English class, but I wasn't such a fangirl back then, well... just now I watched it again in a FANGIRL's perspective and OMG I SWEAR IT IS DA BEST LIVEACTION SHOUNEN AI MOVIE!!! EEEEEEEE XD!!!!

Billy Elliot is a movie about Billy, an 11 yr old boy, who is passionate about Ballet blah blah... well.. his friend Michael, who is gay, has always supported Billy to pursue his dreams, even though that means he has to leave Michael for the Royal Ballet skool...

Of course their relationship doesn't take up the main part of the movie, there r only 7 scenes (yes I counted), but still... it's worth watching XD!! This is only one of the scenes from it (cuz I dun wanna spoil too much):

Michael: so do you get to wear a tu tu?
Billy: fuck off, I look like a poof
Michael: I think you look wicked *innocent and honest look*
My comment: *...grin grin...*

For those of you who haven't watched it... WAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
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